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Careers in fashion

Designer Gaurav Gupta can easily be touted as a pioneer of the new wave of contemporary Indian fashion. Ever since his runway debut in 2006, Gupta has always led the conversation on reinventing conventional fashion with his commitment to his distinct design DNA.

Gupta debuted his first collection after his return from Central Saint Martins in London, replete with strong military influences. During the initial years, his approach was considered by many as too severe, but that did not deter him from continuing down this less-travelled path. With every passing collection, Gupta strengthened his position as a designer who had his heart fixed on marrying the conceptual with the classic, and the avant-garde with the commercially appealing. His 3D embroideries, volume play, extempore draping and futuristic construction are now brand signatures, sought-after by brides and celebrities alike. What’s noteworthy is that this engineered edge comes from inspirations that are more whimsical in nature, making it a beautiful merging of contrasts. “I am inspired by almost everything. My main inspiration comes from nature, forest, sky, water, shape, form, art, architecture, and thought. It is almost mostly abstract, something fantastical.”

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